Cruelty Free AHA Peel

I decided that I am totally fed up with my acne scars, so I did tonnes of research to compare different cruelty free/vegan AHA peels. I finally settled on a Sephora purchase; this 14-day peel from Dr. Dennis Gross. I’m currently on day 3 of the regime and will be posting an honest review after my first week. I’m calling it “Truthful Tuesdays”. 

In the mean time, lets talk about exactly what it is that I’m putting on and doing to my face; this AHA peel by Dr. Dennis Gross is a super simple 2-step system for treating acne scars, uneven skin texture/tone, dullness, fine lines and wrinkles. I’ve tried other peels and exfoliants before and this one is by far the most user-friendly. The peel comes in little packets just like the wet wipes at fast food joints. They are clearly labelled “Step 1” and “Step 2”. Simply rub the first towelette over your face until the moistness disappears, wait two minutes, repeat with packet number two. Follow with your regular moisturizer. No rinsing, no waiting for 10-20 minutes, I’m liking this so far! Onward!    

What is an AHA? An AHA (alpha-hydroxy-acid), as scary as it may sound, is actually a natural and very safe ingredient used in skin care. Unlike gritty physical exfoliants (like scrubs and microdermabrasion), AHA’s naturally exfoliate your skin in a gentle non-abrasive way.  When used in skin care products, AHA’s are derived from apples (malic acid), citrus fruits (citrus acid), sugar cane (glycolic acid) or sour milk (lactic acid). These ingredients “chomp” away at dead skin sitting on the surface. This method of exfoliation helps to promote a rapid reproduction of skin cells and with proper consistent use you will be left with a fresh, even complexion. 

Why is “Cruelty Free” and “Vegan” so important? If your product is not certified “Vegan”, chances are the lactic acid in your AHA treatment is derived from cows milk, unless it specifies the derivative of the lactic acid in the ingredients list. And of course, a cruelty free certification also guarantees that zero animal testing occurred on the final product OR the ingredients used. 

For more information regarding cruelty free brands, I recommend checking out Cruelty Free Kitty, its a great resource, especially when you’re out shopping and need a quick answer on a product! 

Looking forward to giving you a full review next week. For now, here’s a super cheesy selfie with my wet-nap of glycolic goodness! 

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